Saturday, 18 June 2016

Peeling the Onions : Emotions and Reflexology

“Onion healing” is the term used when a client has had so much going on regarding their health and emotional well being that they seem to need to heal in small segments – just like the layers of an onion.

Many people have had lots to deal with in the past, both on an emotional and physical level. The influence of emotions on physical health can be immense; in fact, research shows that happier people are far more likely to live healthier lives, and stressful issues are linked to health problems. Those issues may well have been driven deep into the body, and it can often be easier to control the way you behave on the outside without effectively tackling the emotional aspects that lay beneath.

Of course, there may only be a few layers to heal or there could be many, just like the onion. Each one needs healing at its own rate, at a speed that is comfortable, and this pace entirely depends on a person's individual circumstances. Quite often a pattern can emerge in the shape this journey takes, as a person's emotional and physical issues are treated with reflexology.

1. Early improvements – This group of clients experience quick improvements to their physical problems over a relatively small number of reflexology sessions, perhaps two or three, and are very happy with those changes.

2. Tackling deeper layers – At this point, you start to get an understanding for the emotional backdrop behind the old tough imbalances of the past. Clients have a moment of realisation that they need to stop these from affecting their present. As these layers have to heal individually before moving to the next, and we're dealing with negative feelings, it can sometimes feel like going backwards. Around session four or five some of the symptoms may return as a result; however, if you understand why this is happening, manage your expectations and persevere, it is ultimately very positive and rewarding.

3. Perseverance provides reward – If you can continue with reflexology at this stage your body may show you a week of perfect clarity, where everything just feels better, where you are given an insight into what might be.

4. Enhanced well being – Your body is healing at its own rate and is doing so properly. It heals a little at a time and then when it looks like success it slides into the next layer, and eventually you are treating the central core of the problem. Getting to the core of a problem can free anyone to enjoy greater well being.

So what can you do throughout this process to help you persevere? -
Firstly, don’t be afraid to take some time out of your day to still yourself, connect with the oneness and allow yourself to release the past. There may be much deeper levels being released that you are unaware of, but do not understand. Just allow the feelings into you and let them flow.

There is a great healing power in tears; they are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and an ability to let go. The energies are changing rapidly during reflexology sessions, your emotions may stir but they will shift quickly; it’s important that you do not block the tears for your heart to open fully and your soul to truly heal.
As you move forward positively, try to look differently at any challenges you may be facing, Connect with the part of you that knows that there is a blessing in every challenge and smile because your soul is ready for growth and greater things. There is always a bigger picture in the wonderful journey of life.

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